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Cayetano Garza Jr.

Harlingen, Texas, USA

My friends call me "Cat"

My friends call me "Cat"

I'm a graphic designer, cartoonist, musician, and painter originally from Harlingen, Texas with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Studio Art from The University of Texas-Pan American.

I moved back to Harlingen after living in White River Junction, Vermont for a few years. White River is home to The Center for Cartoon Studies where I was able to teach a little and help cartooning students get their work on the web. I also had the distinct honor of serving as a thesis adviser. My last serial webcomic, Year of the Rat, won an Ignatz Award for Outstanding Online Comic at the 2009 Small Press Expo.

I started making webcomics back in 1996 as a way to avoid having to send out costly submission packets to comics publishers and have been posting comics on the web in some form or another ever since. I started magicinkwell.com in 1998 as a place to publish my work exclusively on the web (which at the time was practically unheard of and has since become the norm for any new emerging cartoonist). When Joey Manley started Modern Tales, one of the first webcomics subscription sites in March of 2002, I was fortunate enough to be asked to join. Later, I became part of Webcomicsnation which became Comicspace.

I'm most well known for my experiments in webcomics especially infinite canvas comics.